Examining Myself

Why do we exist in a body where we are in control of such a small percentage of our functions. We spend 8 hours sleeping (no control). Our trillions of cells run on autopilot. Our heart beats without intervention. We breath without thinking about it. We blink without even noticing. We control our muscles and our thoughts…and that’s about it. Why? Why would such a small fraction of who we are be in our control? Where is the dividing line between what’s in our control and what’s not? Is there a specific part of the brain that is “separated” from the rest.

Do other animals have the same division in their brains and bodies? We assume there is no self-awareness for our pets. They move deliberately, but do they think about it the same way we do.

What if the “intentional” part of our brain is merely a conduit or an interface to the “automatic” part of our brain? The concept of an interface implies that there is something on the otherside also. The automatic brain on one side and something else on the other with the intentional brain in the middle. Might that missing piece be our spirit?

This is what happens when spend too much time thinking…


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