Why We Are the Way We Are

Men are often criticised for being shallow. They (women) say we only seem to care about looks and never about who they are. Well at first, that’s absolutely true. For some it lasts a long time. But overall, it’s a good generalization to state that men are visual by nature. So is it so bad that all of my friends are attractive? Not to say that I intentionally won’t hang out with “less appealing” women. But if given a choice and all else were equal, who would choose the lesser woman? Probably no one who is being honest. If I sent you out to buy a new couch or a painting, would you buy one that is appealing to the eyes? Of course.

Another thing that happens to men is our sphere of attractive women broadens. And this can get us in a lot of trouble…mostly with our wives. You see, when we are in our teens, we look at other teenage girls and they are hot. The 20 somethings might be hot too, but the 30+ are about as unappealing as eating liver. But as we age, our interest in women “matures.” In our 30s, we like the women in their 30s. The same things happens in our 40s. I’m going to guess the same thing happens in our 50s, but I’m not there yet so look for an updated post in about 8 years. Here is the part that gets us into trouble…when we are in our 40s, we still think the girls in their 30s are hot. And the girls in their 20s. And even the teenagers. So as we age, we all become “dirty old men” because we’re looking and women who are way out of our age bracket. But we can’t help it. It’s the same as having an interest in that old toy you had as a kid. I personally never thought I’d find women in their 40s appealing (at least when I was in my 20s and 30s). I saw pictures and there were things like wrinkles and imperfect skin. But now I welcome those. I guess it’s a sign of maturity on both me and my interest. Imperfections mean reality and as we get older, reality becomes (here comes the retarded part of this post) more real.

So we can’t change what we like any more than we can change how many fingers we have…short of hacking something off. But I guess that’s what we’re doing a lot in society when we’re criticized as men for leering at women. But it’s not hurting anyone so why should we stop. Hell, most of the women we admire don’t even know we are looking at them. My father told me a story a few years back and it’s become a very profound story for me. He was at the beach with a buddy of his. Dad is in his 70s now and they were watching some 18 years old girl in a bikini. My dad turns to his friend and says something like, “do you think it weirds them out that we are staring at them?” Dad’s friend says, “…they don’t even see us. We don’t exist to them.” Holy shit! He was right. An 18 year old girl is NEVER going to even pay attention to the old guy, let alone notice his stares. And you know what, I’m starting to see the teens and early 20s girls not noticing me. Now I’m not saying that the 30 and 40 year olds are all staring at me. I’m just saying that younget women don’t even notice me to be anything more than an object that they need to avoid walking into. And really, why should they notice me? It’s not like I’m 18 and a potential partner. They gain nothing from looking at me twice. So why to we men look twice, three times? Hell we’ll stare until they are out of view. Why? Because we’re programmed that way. We’re programmed to be attacted to the best possible mate and we’re also programmed to create as many offspring as possible.

Sadly, society squashes this desire to procreate on a scale so high that we’d have little time to work or check our Facebook page. But we conform because this is what women want. And if we don’t follow the rules, not only will we not procreate like rabbits, but we probably won’t get a chance at all. So women really call the shots. Don’t tell anyone this.  They really do.


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