Simple Rules for…Putting Photos on Facebook

1) Don’t upload all of the photos for the event. The last thing anyone wants to do is scroll through 50 photos of scenery from your honeymoon in order to get to the 1 photo of you dancing like a fool at a hinky bar in Ireland. Less is more.

2) Tag people. If you don’t know what this is, go buy Facebook for Dummies. Your friends want to see the photos from last night so don’t make them go to your page to see if you’ve uploaded them. Tag them in one photo from the album even if they are not in any pictures so they can see everyone else.

3) Get descriptive. You’ve probably got family and friends who don’t know each other so put in descriptions on at least a few photos so people know where you were and what you were doing without them.

4) Be picky. Don’t post blurry or dark photos. Unless you’ve captured an amazing shot of either Bigfoot or a UFO, these shouldn’t even be kept around. In this day of digital photography, the number of bad photos being saved should be near zero. If necessary, invest in a better camera. Your friends will thank you.

5) For god sake, post a representative photo of you as your profile picture. Nothing is more frustrating than looking for a friend or relative and finding 3 people with the same name and all of them have pictures of their pets for their profile picture. I know it’s occasionally entertaining to mix it up a bit, but 99% of the time, your profile picture should look like you.


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