Simple Rules for…Enjoying a Holiday Weekend

1) Keep your options open. 3-day, and the even rarer 4-day, weekends should be cherished. Now, it’s one thing if you have a trip planned, but if you are staying in town, don’t fill the entire weekend with pre-planned activities before Saturday morning even rolls around. Leave yourself some time to do a bit of everything and even a bit of nothing.

2) Don’t stress. While getting back to work is just an extra 24 hours away, don’t think about it. Enjoy the extra time by thinking about things right in front of you. Stress on that last night if you must, but don’t ruin your weekend by stressing too early.

3) Make it memorable. Take some photos of yourself and others doing fun things together. It’s always nice to go back at the end of the year and remember those mini vacations that you’ve enjoyed recently. By making holiday weekends an event, you’ll enjoy them even more.

4) Shop. Even if you don’t buy, check out the malls and the discount stores. Again, create an event. Black Friday is an event but it’s really just part of a holiday weekend. Why not have more than one of these each year. Most retailers have sales on holiday weekends.

5) Smile. Cherish the extra time with friends and family.


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