Why I Must Buy an iPad

1) It’s way bitchin’ cool. In the 1950s, the cool kids had hot-rods. In the 60s, they were doing drugs. The 70s brought us nightclubs and dancing (a bit of coke in there to mix it up). Then the 1980s were all about fashion and having Air Jordans. The 90s didn’t have much to offer if you were cool and in the 2000s, it was all about the latest cell phones. Well it’s 2010 folks and now it’s all about tech and latest big deal kid on the block is the iPad.

2) Because there’s always room for yet another gadget. I love all the cords and not being able to find the right one. I have a few junk drawers now and I’m thinking I need to convert one to a “cords and accessories” drawer. I love having a completely separate suitcase full of devices when I travel. I love the soft glow of the downstairs when all the vampire sucking trickle charging is taking place.

3) I have too much money. I make a ridiculous amount of money and find that having it sit around is a complete and total waste. It must be spent and it must be spent on an iPad.

4) To make my friends jealous. Nuff said.

5) Because every time someone thinks about buying an iPad but doesn’t , a kitten dies.


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