Getting in Shape – The Start

Ok, so I’ve decided to get into shape. I don’t think I’ve ever really had this committed mentality before. In the past I might have said, “I’m going to START running” or “I’m going to work out more,” but I’ve never said (or thought) it this way. It’s hard to put into words. So what sparked this sudden change? Ironically, I ate 2 Big Macs for lunch on 7/9/10. The way I felt after that was somewhat indescribable. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I was going out to eat McDonalds every day and when I did, I certainly didn’t have 2 Big Macs at one sitting. But it had this odd effect on me and really got me thinking about being 42 and 205 lbs.

I remember in college struggling to crack the 190 mark. And by that I mean getting UP to 190. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get there. I worked out 3-4 hours a day and ate like a pig. Well sis, it finally caught up with me. I’ve been between 200 and 210 for the last 10 years easily. Living in Las Vegas and working for MGM Resorts means that one does not go hungry easily. I have access to great food that is free. Each day, I can eat at our employee dining room and pretty much get whatever I want.

As I said, I’ve gone through spurts before with exercising or eating better, but I’ve never had the mentality of “getting in shape.” This time will be different. I’ve already spent the last 5 days eating well and treadmilling almost every day. I’ve even had some improvements on the treadmill (up to 1 mile running now with no stopping). On the food front, I’ve had no candy, no chips, mostly salads, some egg whites, Grape Nuts, no alcohol, no caffeine and lots of water. Much better than the weeks before where I was on vacation and treating myself to a lethargic lifestyle.

P90X will be started on 7/26/10. I could start sooner, but I’d have a 4 day trip to CO in there and that would just mess things up. So for the next few days I will run when I can and eat better. I can’t promise perfection, but an improvement over the old ways is what’s in the cards. Oh, and I’m also signing up for the Las Vegas Rock & Roll Marathon in December (doing the 1/2). We’ll see if that plus the P90X is possible. If not, I’ll be in smashing good shape for the attempt.

More to follow….


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