Getting in Shape – 4th Post (P90X)

Today is Sunday the 15th of August and I’ve just completed week 3 of P90X. I’ve learned a few things this week:

1) You’ve got to eat! Prior to P90X, I controlled my weight through calorie reduction. Can’t do that now.

2) Working out in the evenings is better for me. Week one was almost all mornings. Weeks two and three were mostly evenings and that seems to be better for me. There is the unfortunate adjustment that has to happen when you have something planned in the evening, but that’s way better than 5:30 am wake-up calls every day.

3) Protein supplements are needed. This is roughly related to #1.

4) I’m actually looking forward to Phase 2 now. This coming week is the recovery week and involves much less hard work. I really want to see what I can accomplish in week five now.

I had a few bad days towards the end of the week, but I attribute that all to my low caloric intake. That’s being remedied now.


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