As a kid I remember being the lucky one between me and my sister. The big reason was due to her being allergic to everything (grass, animals, leaves, etc.), and me being allergic to nothing. But that all changed this year.

I think it has been a gradual progression, this allergy thing. I developed this cough years ago. Seemed to be an extension of my seasonal cold and I finally figured out I could manage it with Halls. I tried a few remedies like Zyrtec and maybe Claritin, but nothing helped. Besides, the Halls worked well enough.

Then, years ago, my doctor prescribed a preventative inhaler to see if could help. That shit worked miracles. And then, the retina blister formed. I won’t get into too much detail, but apparently, in some people, steroids can cause an eye problem where a bulge forms on your retina. Long story short, I quit the inhaler, went back to the Halls, and everything cleared up nicely.

Then, this year happened. I had heard it was going to be a bad year for allergies here in Vegas and boy were they right. I’ve had a cold or this asthmatic cough for well over a month now and I think I can safely say its due to allergies. I’m even trying Claritin again to see if that may help. I’ve upgraded from Halls to Fisherman’s Friend. If you haven’t had that before, think mentholated ass. But it works, so I plow through them gladly.

The incessant throat clearing and coughing must be driving my wife crazy. She doesn’t complain so that’s a good thing! But I don’t think I’d be as tolerant as she is. I suppose she might just be waiting for me to die anyway. Screw you pollen!.


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