Pivotal Moments

I realized years ago that there are key occurrences in our lives that seem to have more impact than others. While our lives are full of the proverbial “wing flapping” from the butterfly effect, there seem to be special moments that clearly cause a shift.

For example, I knew a guy names Paul Stein. He went to high school with me. He graduated 2 years before me and we weren’t particularly close, but I knew him and we ended up keeping in touch a bit into college. He helped me get my internship with 93.3 WMMR in Philadelphia. THAT, was a pivotal moment for me. With that start in the radio business, I ended up working in the fields of technology and graphic arts along with eventually meeting my wife.

The other pivotal moment for me was when we moved into our second house in Las Vegas. We ended up across the street from a couple who we have become very close to. But back when we first moved there, the husband and I had some early conversations about my current job at MGM Resorts and through those talks, I ended up making a change in the company into the Finance area. This elevated my career and offered exposure to new people and processes that have helped me learn and grow at a pace I had not experienced before.

While I could point to the first pivotal moment above and give all the credit there for with everything after, I feel that while logically, this is acceptable, there can still be sub-pivotal moments that need to be acknowledged as well.

I just have these two right now, but I’m planning a third and we’ll see how that goes next…..


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