What Really Matters

I know I promised “entertaining” blog posts this week, but shit got serious this week. I won’t go into why, but the important thing to remember is what life is rooted in. What gives meaning to you in life. And when shit get’s serious, that’s when you find out what gives it meaning.

For me, that meaning is George. It’s finding HER happiness. HER place. HER value. Not what motivates me, but what motivates her. In a sense, SHE motivates me. SHE is why I work hard. SHE is why I sacrifice my time (not all of my time, but some of my time…hell, I’m not giving that woman ALL of my time).

But at the end of the day, doing something for someone else is really what means the most to me. What makes me happy is making other people happy. If I can make you laugh, you’ve made my day. If I disappeared tomorrow, that’s what I want remembered. I want to be the guy who people say “he always made me laugh. He was a great guy.” Sadly, this is what is said when a guy shoots up a school and they interview his neighbors. That guy is no better than me. Maybe I don’t want to be known for this. People won’t know the difference between me and the killer next door. NOT. A. GOOD. THING.

If you want to digest this better, I suggest 3 drinks….not saying why…..


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